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Sympathetic Nervous System

Sympathetic Nervous System – the division of the nervous system responsible for non-voluntary functions, such as circulation, respiration, digestion. 

There is no “neural connection” between different areas of the body. Messages to any part of the body are not fed through other body parts, but receive their information directly from the central nervous system, which transmits from the brain. 

The holistic health movement claims for itself to minister to “the whole person; body, mind and spirit”. In fact, their own literature makes it clear that the “health” of the mind and spirit are of the greatest importance, since they are believed to “create” and control the material. This is based on their philosophy of life, and understanding of “spirit”...

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Summary of the New Age Movement

From New Age Almanac, by J. Gordon Melton:

“The New Age Movement can best be dated from circa 1971. By that year, Eastern religion and transpersonal psychology (the key elements needed to create the distinctive New Age synthesis) had achieved a level of popularity, and metaphysical leaders could begin to articulate the New Age vision…Baba Ram Dass, a transformed refugee from the psychedelic age, emerged as the first national prophet…Despite its relatively recent appearance, the movement should not be viewed as a startlingly new phenomenon in Western culture...

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New Age Movement

Eph 5:11 “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

The New Age Movement is the western presentation of eastern mysticism. While individual practitioners emphasize different practices or traditions, the main religious contributors are Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and traditional Chinese mysticism.

PURPOSE: to bring about a New World Order through a world-wide change in thinking about ultimate reality and global needs. One government, one global community, one spiritual reality.

In the New Age Movement, the system (universe, cosmos) is divine, therefore preservation of the system must occur at any cost. Elements within the system are also divine = > “Earth” rather than “earth”...

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Reconciling Pagan Practices with Christianity

Or Can we “Sanctify” Acts or Ideas belonging to False Religious Systems to Make Them Suitable for Worship of the Lord God or a Part of Christian Life Practice? 

Throughout Scripture, God commands His people to be ‘holy’, separate from the world and sin. False teachings and false practices have plagued the church since the beginning, evidenced in the letters from Paul, Peter, John, and Jude, so it is not unique to today. The Holy Spirit ensured we would have no reason to question what response might be appropriate to the inclusion of pagan practices or philosophies in Christian life and worship. God admonished the Israelites frequently that they were to absolutely reject everything originating from pagan practice, incorporating none of it in their lives or the worship of Almighty God...

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