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NATURE OF GOD – Who, of What Sort, and What Character is Almighty God?

Does it matter what we believe about the nature of God? Why or why not? Can someone be saved while believing that God is other than what God is? (ie: not believing that Jesus is God, believing that the Holy Spirit is merely the divine breath of God)

Two strands for evaluation:

What does the Bible say?

What does the material universe indicate or necessitate concerning the nature of the God which created?

God is either:

An abstract force or ‘intelligence’ A personal quantity or entity
Non-living or a “concept” Living
Pervades the universe (pantheism) A particular single or multiple entity
In all things (panentheism) Independent of all other things
Everything is “god” Only one is God

The Biblical God is either:

One Being presented in different roles (modalism: O...
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