New Age Movement


Eph 5:11 “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”


The New Age Movement is the western presentation of eastern mysticism. While individual practitioners emphasize different practices or traditions, the main religious contributors are Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and traditional Chinese mysticism.

PURPOSE: to bring about a New World Order through a world-wide change in thinking about ultimate reality and global needs. One government, one global community, one spiritual reality.

In the New Age Movement, the system (universe, cosmos) is divine, therefore preservation of the system must occur at any cost. Elements within the system are also divine = > “Earth” rather than “earth”. Some believe in spiritual entities or “ascended masters”, some ‘universal one’ non-personal force akin to Buddhism.


To change the worldview of every person on the planet to prepare the world to receive “the christ”. He cannot come until humanity has achieved an acceptable degree of initiation.

Because a worldview shift will not only prepare individuals for the reception of “the Christ”, but also bring the universal energies into the necessary balance for his mission, the change is imperative for the well-being of the system, and must occur at any cost. It is not necessary that individuals know or understand the change, only that they be changed, in order to achieve the desired result. (In other words, as long as they get you to think & act like they do, the world will be ready to receive the christ) Because change is imperative, when enough people have been influenced to reach ‘critical mass’ required for global evolution, resisters must be eliminated.


1. Divine energy (spirit) pervades, connects, and empowers every thing in the universe. Called qui, chi, prana, otic force, The One, universal intelligence, vital force etc. Some emphasize Chinese, others Hindu terms or specifics.

2. Reincarnation – believed by majority. Karma & dharmic principles affirmed

3. Spiritual evolution – energy balance and optimization within and throughout the system is necessary to achieve highest actualization of human experience. The goal is to unite the self with the Divine. (moksha -> mookti = freedom) macro – universe; micro – individual

4. Spiritual hierarchy – some, including all key leaders, believe in the existence of superior beings directing human affairs. Anticipation of a final teacher (ascended master, avatar) referred to by many as “the Christ”. –> some believe they are humans who have gone through all necessary initiations to qualify them to lead humanity’s higher evolution. Other humans could evolve to similar levels.

5. Babble about love, peace, and harmony, definitions for which all relate to the effect one’s ideas and actions have on the system and towards the goal.

6. the unity imperative -> disunity will prevent humanity from evolving to the next spiritual level.

The key leaders in the New Age Movement were and are Luciferians. They specifically believe Lucifer to be the ‘god of light’, and supreme deity, Jehovah to be an evil opponent and oppressor of humanity, and Adonai /Jesus to be an interloper and fraud to be exposed and defeated. While not a ‘mainstream’ concept among the ‘man on teh street’, it is found in virtually all writings generated at the beginning of the NAM, and in writings of most contemporary leaders.

Key media personalities, political leaders, educators share the agenda. Others use the movement to push globalism. The urgency and imperative of globalism to the New Age Movement means its followers will accept global government without objection.

New Age Leaders see themselves as superior agents of the Spiritual Hierarchy, responsible to effect change through evangelism. Pagan mystical practices are key tools for righting energy imbalances within the system and increasing energy of the system. EVERY practice is designed to eliminate blockages or achieve unity with the universal energy.

Some names: Eliphas Levi, Rudolph Steiner, Jean Houston, Deborah Rozman, Howard Gardner

KEY PEOPLE in NAM or using the NAM to bring about one world government: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Robert Muller, Maurice Strong, Barbara Marx Hubbard, David Spangler, Marilyn Ferguson


Al Gore                      environmentalism, Earth In the Balance
Robert Muller            former UN, A New Genesis; Shaping A Global Spirituality
Maurice Strong         Earth Council President; Baca Ranch
Mikhail Gorbachev   State of the World forums, Global Forum of Spiritual and    Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival
Zbigniew Brzezinski  former US Nat’n’l Security Advisor
Tony Blair                 Faith Foundation


Beverley Gaylean    confluent education
Deborah Rozman     meditation curricula for schools
Howard Gardner      “multiple intellgences”
William Spady         outcome-based education
Robert Muller           World Core Curriculum
Rudolf Steiner          Waldorf Schools
John Naisbitt            Megatrends
Canadian Education Association – featured speaker Antonin Maillet, who told them their jobs as educators is as ‘midwives of the spirit”


Deepak Chopra    medical doctor; ayurveda; redefines “Jesus”, ‘christ spirit’ in people
Fritjof Capra       The Tao of Physics
Jane Goodall       naturalist; environmentalist; “Born Free”
Carl Sagan          astronomer; promoted extra-galactic seeding of life on earth
Carl Jung             psychologist; spiritist; theories directed by spirit guide
Jean Houston       LSD research; educational materials; Mind Games (self-hypnosis & occult imagery)


Norman Vincent Peale  The Power of Positive Thinking
Robert Schuller            The Crystal Cathedral
Matthew Fox                 RC mystical priest
Willis Harman               Institute of Noetic Sciences
Jack Canfield               ‘chicken Soup’ series
Ken Blanchard             influenced church leadership through seminars
Neale Donald Walsh     Conversations With God
Marianne Williamson   A Course in Miracles
Ken Wilbur                   occultist; endorsed by Rob Bell (emergent church)
Brian McLaren              Emergent church movement
Jose Arguelles              Harmonic Convergence
Benjamin Crème          follower of Alice Bailey; preparing world for Maitreya
Rhonda Bryne              The Secret

Media: Shirley McLaine, John Denver, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Dennis Weaver, Rupert Murdoch

New Age Health

Def”n: holism – from “holy” meaning sacred. “Holistic health” does NOT mean “wholistic” health, but rather sacred health. It is a religious/spiritual philosophy and discipline, not a science, despite scientific-sounding explanations. Many are outright lies; others are inaccurate, and many which are accurate are irrelevant to the claims they are used to support.

The basis for all “holistic health” is the eastern principle of energy balance, and communion with the universal essence or “divine energy”. This DOES NOT refer to the living and true God. In oriental tradition, it is called qi, or chi energy; in Hindu it is the prana (breath) and the kundalini, or serpent force. It is all occultism.

The premise is that there are invisible “meridians” along which the energy force of the universe passes through our bodies. In Hinduism, there are seven chakras, or power centres, which relate to various parts of our character and our body. If that force is blocked anywhere, it becomes out of balance, and we suffer physical, emotional, and mental upsets. The blockages/imbalances must be righted in order for us to be well, and we must be well in order to achieve our oneness with the universe, which is the ultimate goal of the New Age.

All procedures and substances used are designed or chosen because they supposedly correct the blockages or imbalances in our internal energies. The manipulation techniques physically break them down; the things eaten, smelled etc., provide the energies we are missing. The mind exercises are “mind over matter” principles; we have the power in our mind to change material “reality”; thus everything that is, is so because we have chosen it to be so. If we don’t like it, we just have to think it different. So we just have to transcend ourselves, and unite with the universal mind, in order to cause our imbalances/deficiencies to be corrected.

Remember the principles:

– do not learn what the pagans do (Deut 12,18)
– just because it gets results does NOT mean it is right (Deut 13:1-3)
– anything that points us away from the only true God is to be avoided (Deut 13:1-3)
– we are to have nothing whatsoever to do with the things of the world (Eph 5:11; 2Cor 6:17)
– there is no middle ground (Matt 12:30; Jas 4:4)
– we are to test all things; and abstain from every appearance of evil (1Thes 5:21-22)
– we are to be holy

Remember: all practice flows from philosophy.

Occult Terms

Old Testament:

Divination – seeking/telling the unknown, esp. future. – the means by which it is discovered (ie: tarot; palm reading; Ouija board, I Ching)

“observer of times” – soothsayer – similar to divination – (ie: horoscope)

enchanter – one who works magic by spells; or a charmer (ie: hypnosis)

witch – worker of magic; one who casts spells

charmer – someone who influences the reality of someone else (will be better explained) (can include using potions etc.)

consulter with familiar spirits – one who communicates with the spirit world – (ie: mediums)

necromancer – one who communicates with the dead

wizard – a “knowing one”; a conjurer (ie: ESP, clairvoyance)

New Testament Sorcery/ – (Acts) – mageia/mageuo/magos – magic; from Oriental scientist – broad application to Sorcerer many practical aspects of philosophy and practice of occult

(Rev) – pharmakeia/keus/kon/kos – use of/maker of potions, drugs; substances witchcraft (Gal) pharmakeia

List of Occult/New Age Practices/Concepts

shiatsu (Jap) colour/aroma/light therapy shiatsu (Jap)
reiki Japan (“System of Natural Healing”; also known as Usui
gestalt therapeutic touch
acupressure acupuncture
reflexology applied kinesiology
iridology chiropractic
magnet therapies biofeedback
colour/aroma/light therapy
‘relaxation’ Altered states of consciousness
All hypnosis Guided imagery/imagery/visualization
Superlearning Multiple “intelligences”
“intuition” Transcendental meditation/ESP/etc.
vibration therapy
breath work
past life regression
inner child/aged person
ancient myth therapy
feng shui
inner guides
yoga – kundalini/prana/chakras
martial arts are first religious exercises ying/yang
zodiac / birthstones
palmistry/tarot cards/horoscopes
personality work
Herbs: origins: China ~ 2800 BC ayurveda (literally “life knowledge”) India