The Social Gospel is Death.

Like the religious leaders of Christ’s day, religious leaders today have misled millions of people into thinking that they will be alright with God on judgement day because of their good deeds or some social action they have taken. But the Scripture is very clear that we are not justified before God by ‘works of righteousness’ nor by ‘works of the law’ but by faith that the blood of Jesus Christ shed to cover our sins has made atonement with God on our behalf. In order for God to apply that atonement, we must turn from sin to God in faith, believing that Christ died for us, and rose again to give everlasting life to men. 

Paul called those who preach another gospel ‘anathema’ – eternally condemned. There is only one ‘gospel’ or ‘good announcement: that lost sinners have been reconciled to God through the blood of Christ, and that access to that reconciliation is through repentance and faith. We cannot buy our way into heaven by good deeds, nor can we cover our own penalty for sin by out-numbering our bad deeds with good ones. We are hopeless and helpless without the cleansing work of the cross, the atoning work of Christ’s blood, the living work of His resurrection. 

By grace are we saved through faith, not of ourselves – not of works lest anyone should boast …
Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost…”