The New “Jesus”

People have a passion for the concept of Jesus rather than for the person of Christ; for “reaching the lost for the Lord” as opposed to sharing the Gospel of Christ. People like being spiritual, but don’t care to be holy. 

The message of salvation from sin and death has been replaced with a message of salvation from a pointless life, and mundane existence. The new preachers want us to be saved from the hurts of sin in this life, and be drawn into the fullfilment of feeding the hungry, healing broken hearts, stopping wars, curing diseases. 

Jesus Christ did not come to redeem our human institutions. He came to redeem us from the power of sin and death, to reconcile us to God so we can have eternal life. Christ’s blood was not shed so that men would learn to be peace activists; His cross was indeed the propitiation for our sins. He took our sin upon Himself, so that His righteousness could be imputed to us. Without that imputation, we stand before God condemned; we die. 

It is a disgrace to count the blood of Christ a common, earthly thing. The blood is precious, not because it was shed, but because it was Christ’s blood – the life of the holy God of all the earth incarnate in human flesh. Christ’s blood was not shed because He needed to die; it was shed because the wages of sin is death, and if we had to pay, we would all be lost. So Christ paid – the perfect for the wicked, the holy for the profane. His body was killed that our souls might live. He endured our shame that we might partake of His glory. The gracious King bought His lowest servants with His own life. We are now His purchased possession who were His possession by right. How dare anyone reduce His cross to a social or political activism? He has bought eternity, not temporality. His gospel is salvation – His grace towards lost sinners that we might live.