The Cosmic Egg is a Circular Argument

The most commonly-held materialistic explanation for the origin of the universe is that a ‘cosmic egg’ or ‘singularity’ expanded into the complex, ordered system we see today. To invoke this ‘cosmic egg’ is a circular argument. Let me explain.

The common understanding of the term “universe” is the sum of all space, time, and matter that exists. The properties and characteristics of a physical universe prohibit an ‘eternal’ universe, demanding that the universe came into existence at a specific time in history. But in order for the ‘big bang’ to have occurred, either matter and/or energy must have been self-existent, or they came into being, uncaused out of nothing. Both of these proposals are scientific impossibilities.

The Big Bang theory proposes a singularity or ‘cosmic egg’, a tiny body of intense matter and/or energy, in which the energy potential increased until the singularity exploded, propelling the contents outward with massive power, from which the universe developed into galaxies, and solar systems, and worlds. This explanation is supposed to overcome the problems of either spontaneous generation or eternally-existent matter, both of which violate axiomatic principles of the natural world.

But arguing for this singularity is to invoke either self-existent (uncaused) matter or energy, or eternally-existence matter or energy; precisely the problems the theory is sought to resolve.

Moreover, this singularity is said to have been “there”. But where exactly is “there”? Keeping in mind that The Big Bang proposes to explain the beginning and source – origin – of the universe, no universe existed prior to the Bang; there was no “there”. To propose a location in which this mass could have existed is to require that a place – a universe – must already have existed; otherwise it is to propose that substance and energy existed – nowhere. That is a meaningless statement; it is nonsense in the same class as a round square or going up down.

In their drive to escape the necessary acceptance of an intelligent, personal Creator, materialists resort to anti-scientific, nonsensical appeals to impossible supernatural explanations for the world we see and the universe we continue to discover. They insist on explanations that deny the evidence, defy science, and violate rational thought, rather than admit that they are not the pinnacle of existence or masters of their own universe, but the product of an all-powerful, rightfully-sovereign, Divine Creator: God.