The Bible

The Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God. Within it’s pages we learn Who God is, and what God is like. We learn about His activities, His character, and His purpose for His Creation. We also learn about the origin of the universe, and more specifically the orgin of the human race. The Bible is divided into two main sections referred to as the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Old Testament is an historical account of first things, earliest humanity, the development and progress of God’s chosen people Israel, and the nations and kingdoms with which they interacted. Included in the Old Testament are the writings of the prophets appointed by God to warn people to repent of sin and return to faith in God, the Psalms of David, which are both songs of praise and prophetic writings, and the Proverbs of Solomon.

The New Testament of the Bible is the historical account of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, His death on the cross in place of sinful man, and His miraculous resurrection from the dead. In the New Testament, we learn that all men are guilty of sin and subject to condemnation by a just God, and we see the great kindness and love of God Who desires our salvation rather than our condemnation. Here we find God’s call to repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ, His death on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin, and His resurrection from death, bringing us everlasting life. We see His promise of forgiveness and eternal life for everyone who receives Christ, and His judgement pronounced upon everyone who rejects Him.

There is no more important Book in all the world than the Holy Bible. All men everywhere are encouraged to read and see for themselves what God has revealed of Himself to mankind.