The Atheist’s Problem is Not Lack of Evidence

Atheists are not free to redefine the terms. “Atheist” means “no God”. The atheist argues that he does not believe there is a God, saying there is no evidence for God. But his argument is a distraction; regardless of his wording, the atheist proposes ‘no God”, and when he is offered the evidence, he rejects it. He insists that evidence “doesn’t count”, asserting the consequent that his position is true due to the evidence being false without regard to the nature or essence of the evidence offered. There is no real effort to consider what he’s shown.

The Bible states that the very creation shows the existence and nature of God. Order and design in the universe defy naturalistic explanations; they cannot be explained by science and never will be, because they exist in violation of natural law. No natural explanation of origins is possible because a super-natural explanation is imperative; neither matter nor energy can exist without each other, neither can either exist eternally or come to exist out of nothing.

Loss of energy in nature is axiomatic; all systems move from order to disorder in the absence of the application of ordered ‘work’ from outside of themselves. Consider a house – heat, light, and wind energy work to break down the components. Only by a man’s imposition of ‘directed energy’ (work) and new materials does a house continue. Every owner of an older home knows, despite his best efforts, the house continues towards gradual decay, and left on its own, undirected energy from natural elements will hasten the ultimate total break-down of the house.

Atheists insist that matter and/or energy either always existed or appeared from nothing. But science shows both of these propositions to be impossible. They insist that naturally-occurring, undirected energy acted on a non-ordered mass to produce such chaos as to form ordered systems we call galaxies full of ordered bodies we call stars and planets. Science shows this to be impossible.

Atheists insist that undirected energy randomly acted on non-living matter to increase both order and information resulting the progression to metabolism, self-replication, locomotion, non-chemical interaction with the environment, perception, intellect, reason, emotion, intuition, ingenuity, self-awareness, purpose, and will. Science shows this increase in complexity and information to be impossible.

Atheists use these impossible propositions as their alternative to “In the beginning, God…” claiming them as proof that everything that exists has an exclusively materialistic origin and natural explanation, while arguing that there is no ‘proof’ of God’s existence. All of the evidence expressly refutes their atheistic theory, so evidence is not their problem.