Studies in Romans

Paul’s letter to the Romans is a wonderful dissertation on the tremendous grace of God towards men. Paul introduces himself as one having authority to speak, by virtue of being an ‘apostle’ or one sent out, an ambassador of Jesus Christ. In the course of his  letter to the Romans, Paul identifies the Lord Jesus as the Christ, or the Messiah the Jews awaited, in fulfilment of the prophecies given by God so they would know the Messiah when He came. Paul also asserts unequivocally that Jesus is also the Son of God.

Paul’s purpose in writing to his letter to the Romans becomes clear as the letter develops; there were misunderstandings among the people about how Christ’s Gospel affected each of the people of the Jews and the Gentiles, those who were not part of the nation of Israel. Some Jews were persuaded that they were still obliged to follow the Law of Moses, and that without obedience, they could not be justified before God. Jews who rejected the salvation through faith in Christ believed that only  through the Law could they approach God, and by its observance, they were justified by God. Soem believed non-Jews were outside of God’s plan or purpose for redemption.  Paul declares to one and all that the Scripture makes clear that all men are sinners, regardless of their national or religious background, and that the Law had no power to justify anyone before God, but only through the covering of the blood of Jesus Christ, shed for the sins of mankind, could any man ever be made acceptable to God, and that only through faith in Christ and His shed blood as our covering could anyone receive the benefit of that justification. No one can earn God’s favour; only through His gracious extension of reconciliation can any man hope to be received by the Sovereign Lord.

It is impossible to do justice to Paul’s  exceptional letter, but this series of instalments seeks to offer some observations and points to consider with regard to Paul’s message that God’s grace is found in Jesus Christ, and received by all people equally only through faith in His name and the covering provided by His death on the cross on our behalf. May God bless you as you seek to know Him better through the diligent study of His Word.  2 Pe 3:18

Studies In Romans:    Romans 1:1-7