Saving the Church

We are not called to save the ‘church’. Brothers and sisters, the ‘church’ is going down. That edifice presenting itself as the representative of God on earth shall fall – it is falling now.

We are called to save men. We are to go into all nations preaching the gospel to individuals.[1]

The church is going to fall! We are to tell the truth everywhere we go, but know that many will refuse to hear. The Bible speaks clearly of the many who say to Christ, “Lord, Lord”, but whom He does not know.[2] We are told the falling away must come before the Lord’s return. [3] We are told that many false prophets and teachers will lead away many.[4] We are told the days will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but will heap to themselves teachers to tickle their itching ears, turning away from sound doctrine unto fables. [5] The Way to eternal life is narrow, to be found by few, while many take the broad road to destruction.[6] 

Proclaim the truth, but do not despair that the ‘church’ won’t hear you. Weep rather for the souls of men and women lost in deception, prisoners of a lie they cannot discern. It is for lost souls that we work to lay bare the Truth: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried and rose again according to the Scriptures,[7] and that He will return in glory to judge the living and the dead,[8] that those who receive Christ through faith in his blood shall receive mercy and enjoy everlasting life, having been justified freely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus, Whom God set for a propitiation through faith in His blood.[9]

God never ordained an institution; He prepared a body for Himself, physically in the Person of Christ to redeem lost mankind from our sins,[10] and spiritually as the saints are that “body of Christ”,[11] that dwelling built with “living stones” in which the Lord resides by His Holy Spirit.[12] We are commanded by Christ to go and proclaim salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; every individual who hears and receives becomes a member of the true church which nothing can overcome.[13]


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