Heed the Warnings

Jesus foretold wars and rumours of wars to a nation beleaguered for centuries by foreign occupation: Matthew 24:6

He told of famines, ‘pestilences’, and great earthquakes to a nation that had experienced obliteration, drought, a land razed by enemies, diseases like leprosy, and was no stranger to earthquakes: Mat 24:7; Zechariah 14:5

He told of fearful wonders and signs ‘in the heavens’ to men who knew the heavens were the exclusive jurisdiction of Almighty God: Joel 2:30

He even warned that many people would come claiming to be Christ, many claiming to speak for God, and many false teachers calling themselves spiritual leaders: Mat 24:5, 11, 24

He warned of increasing wickedness among men, and hatred, and division: Mat 12, 1 Tim 4:1, 2 Tim 3:1-9

And He told them that men would dismiss every sign that He gave, insisting that the situation was exactly the same as it had always been: 2 Peter 3

V 3: “Knowing this first, that scoffers shall come in the last days, walking after their own desires, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His presence? For since the fathers have slept, everything continues as from the beginning of creation.’ But they are willingly ignorant of this: that the heavens were of old and the land stood up out of the water and in water through the word of God….”

Jesus knew that when those signs appeared which marked His very soon return, many people would scoff at both the suggestion and the evidence, insisting it was no different than it had always been. They would choose to refuse to listen to His words, and refuse to receive His warnings, until one day when they would be forced to capitulate because the final ‘signs’ would be unmistakeable, and they would know – as they had always known – that Christ Himself is LORD and His word is always true. But then it will be too late; every scoffer will then suffer the wrath of the Lamb: Revelation 6:12-17

There is only one escape from the wrath of the Lamb of God, only one covering for the sins of the world. Jesus, that Lamb Who took our sins to His cross, has provided the covering that may be applied to every life that receives Him as Lord. We will all stand before the throne of His justice, to receive according to what we have done in our flesh, and we will be judged even for every careless word we have spoken. Unless we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, we are guilty; we stand already condemned; we will bear our own judgement. But if we receive the Lord Jesus Christ, and His provision for our wrongs, He will cover us in His righteousness, having taken our guilt upon Himself, and we will be freed from our penalty because He has already paid it through His cross.

Will you heed the signs? Or will you ignore His warning? There is no time to waste – He has called you to come. Please listen.