Chosen Father

Chosen Father

God chose Abraham to father the nation of Israel. Out of a wilderness of idolatrous people[1], God called to Abram to leave his country, his people, and his father’s house to travel to a new land which God would show to him. We see nothing about Abram that would distinguish him from the people around him, to cause him to have special consideration from God, and God does  not tell us why Abram was chosen. We see only that he was chosen.

In the same way that God chose Abram to father the earthly nation, God chose Jesus Christ to father the spiritual nation, the family of the redeemed of God. In election, Abraham is a type of Christ, being the chosen vessel through whom God would birth a holy people to Himself.

God appointed Isaac, the miraculous son of Abraham, to father a nation set apart to God. Abraham had many sons of natural birth, but only that son born through the miraculous intervention of the living God, would bear the honour of fathering the nation that would be named The Prince of God, and only those children born of that miraculous father were born into that earthly nation.

In the same way that God chose the son of miraculous birth to father the princely earthly nation, God chose His Son of miraculous birth to father a princely spiritual nation, as kings and priests to God. Also in the same way, God created many children, but not all of God’s created children are members of God’s holy people. Only those children born from God’s miraculous Son are accepted into God’s spiritual household.

In election, Isaac is a type of Christ, a chosen vessel miraculously provided by the direct action of the hand of God, through whom God would birth a people to Himself.




[1] Joshua 24:2